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Bad Credit?

Knocked back by your bank for a loan?


Knowing WHY you’ve been knocked back can make all the difference.


If it was borrowing capacity, it may just be that your bank doesn’t let its customers borrow as much as some other banks.


Or maybe it was a black mark on your credit report that they didn’t like?


There can be many reasons why you might have been knocked back, but thankfully we’re here to help.


We’ll look at your current situation and determine how we need to structure your loan application and to which lender/s so that you get the loan approved!


Frustrated and not sure what to do next?  Then contact us for a free, no obligation chat!


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“When no one else would look at me or help me find financial help, Jai Kerr was there and helped me get to the better place I am in today, and will have no hesitation in calling him in the future or recommending him to friends and family."

Annette – Wallan (VIC)